Writing Good Web Content For Your Website

Writing Good Web ContentWriting good web content for your website can be much easier than you think, if you take the time to do a reasonable amount of research and planning. In most cases, if you’re the business owner, you already know what your customers want to know about your business, products and services. Keep this in mind when you’re creating content for your website.

You’ll want to pay attention to the basics. Are you using a legible text, that shows up well on your back ground. Reverse text (white or light colored print on a black or dark colored pages do not always display well online. Make sure your text and background have great contrast.

It is a good practice to use softer contrasts which are easier on the eyes. Study a few color charts to learn which colors repel or send negative messages and those which are inviting and appealing.

Write for Your Market By Targeting Specific Personnas

Take the time to identify the personna of your prospective clients and customers. This begins with basic demographic information. You can use a site like Quantcast to gather demographic information on your clients and compare it with your experience and personal observation. In fact, many online sites we use daily contain lots of demographic information.

Next, you’ll want to know the attitudes and behaviors or psychographics. Once you know these you can begin to create the person or personna. Its good to have an ideal client in mind. One way to create this is to gather the data and give the person a name, age, family and lifestyle.

In this manner, you know whom you’ll be writing for each time you create content for your website.

Avoid Auto Content Creation Software

Stay away from auto content creation software. This is software design to automate your website with junk content. In many cases its duplicated all over the web. Google continues to work tirelessly to deliver quality content to visitors who search online. For this reason, they change their algorithms as in the recent Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates to eliminate those who use unacceptable practices.

Avoid using other people’s content. CopyScape is a resource used to identify plagiarized content. You could be sued. Don’t do it.

Use Good Web Content Layout Techniques

Visually appealing content has a structure that grabs your attention. Using appropriate images or graphics, a video and elements such as bullets, numbering and dynamics make your content stand out. The eyes Writing Good Web Contentdon’t tire so quickly trying to find words. They literally jump off the page making important information much easier to find. This yields a great experience for site visitors.

Bold headers break up long pages. Weave short sentences in and out. Keep paragraph lengths within reason, i.e. two or three lines. As a general rule, web content should not read like a book.

Use Strategic On Page SEO

On page SEO (search engine optimization) strategies will help your content get found easier, indexed faster, and rank higher in the search engines. You can learn these by using them on a regular basis.

Some excellent software tools and plugins exist to help you meet this criteria automatically in real time as you write by ranking your content along SEO established guidelines. Pricing ranges from free to about $130 (one-time-cost) for more robust ones.

Create Collateral Content

Collateral content consists of the following:

  • related articles
  • audio podcasts
  • video
  • slide shares
  • images

There are sites for posting these types of content. The purpose is to create high value, content-related backlinks to your website.The key is to offer value to those who might be interested in visiting your site. Once they consume your content, they may click a link which brings them back to  your web page.

Other sites allow you to create profiles (descriptions) and include images, video and other content. These are social networking sites which should be a part of your writing good web content creation strategy.

Create A Schedule For Writing Good Web Content

Create a schedule. Writing good web content takes time and some planning. Publishing consistently yields great benefits. The search engine bots visit and crawl your site more regularly. Your content gets indexed faster and you receive more traffic to your site. Writing one blog post a day is ideal, but may prove too much for one individual.

By enlisting a team who of 5 writers who each write one article per week, you spread the work load and achieve more through leverage. If this cannot be accomplished, then try 2 to 3 times weekly. Whatever you choose, remember, to be consistent.

Having additional traffic means more people see your website, products and services and potentially buy more and more often.

Call To Action

Include a call to action in your content. What’s the next step? What do you want your site visitors to do? Should they call you, sign up for your newsletter, visit your location or watch a video to learn more. Make it clear to them. You must spell it out. Don’t take this very important step for granted. Use call out buttons, clickable graphics, tap to call technology, etc, but do it. Remember, you have not, because you ask not.

Avoid confusion. Don’t make multiple requests. A confused mind always says no. That’s what you want to ask your most desirable action or next step for your visitors to take.

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