How to Write A Blog Post And Publish It Online

How to Write and Publish A Blog

How to Write A Blog PostDo you want to know how to write a blog post and publish it online? Read on. Here you’ll find a process that could have you publish your blog online withing the next 24 hours if you already have a blog set up. What’s the first step?

Decide what you want to write about that is of interest to your readers. Remember, when you write a blog post, remember it is not about you. Your main goal and objective is to inspire, educate, or entertain your readers. Make sure your reason for writing a blog incorporates one or more of those goals.

Your next step is to gather information. Do the research. What is it that your readers want to know? How do you find this out? The easiest way to do this is to ask them. How do you ask them if you’ve never seen them and if you do not know where they are?

Use online tools and resources to find out who your potential readers are and what they really want to know. When you know how to do the research, you can easily pinpoint their interests with the accuracy of a sharp shooter.

Research Your Blog Topic Before Publishing Your Blog

To do research, you should understand that people use the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and even YouTube, Facebook and Amazon (types of search engines) to find what they want. Primarily, they are seeking to solve a problem for which up to the time they are searching they haven’t.

They go to the search engines and type in a word or phrase which represents that problem. The search engine will yield results based on the terms typed or keyed in. Let’s take a look at the following example. Let’s say you are reading a document and you encounter a word for which you do not know the meaning. That is a problem. Without solving it, you cannot know what the writer means by using it.

Your comprehension of the information temporarily ceases until you solve that problem.

You then go to one of the search engines such as Google, type in one or two words. I usually type in the word, plus “definition”. So, If I’m looking for the meaning of “emote”, I will type in “emote definition”. It Publish Your Blogrepresents the problem I am attempting to solve.

The search engines with lightening speed, will search through myriads of websites for those which have information I am looking for and return results that have my keyword and the definition. I choose one and my problem is solved.  I can resume my reading of the material, knowing that i understand the meaning of the word used by the author.

In like manner, you want to write about something that solves your readers problems. When you perform keyword research, you are looking at the problems people have finding what they want online. Those keywords should determine what it is you’re going to speak or write about in your blog post.

How To Write A Blog Post Which Gets Found

When  you write about problems using the keywords people are already searching for, they find your content. At least that is how it should work and it often does. There are other factors which determine whether they will find your content or other content about the same subject. That is called on page optimization.

It means you optimize the content on your page so you have a greater chance of getting found. This means more opportunity for you. If you offer products, services or courses, you potentially can make more sales with more traffic.

It’s also important that you focus on how to write a blog post for people. They are the ultimate reason you are writing. Here’s what I mean. Some write for search engines and their writing is stiff because they attempt to meet certain metrics based on algorithmic criteria. These are metrics search engines use to rank content.

Publishing Your Blog

What are the steps after writing your blog to publish it to the web? Congratulations! You’ve written your blog.

That’s 95% of the task.

Publishing is easy.

Before you publish your blog, take a few minutes to check your blog post to ensure that you have followed some best practices.

Did you use a keyword in your title? Do you have appropriate header tags with keywords? How does your content look on the page? Do you have it segmented so that it draws attention?How To Write A Blog and Publish It Online

Check to see if you have included a photo with an alt tag. What actions do you want your readers to take? Include the proper links and tags.

Also make sure that you’ve chosen one category. Resist the temptation to add more than one category even if it appears that your blog article could fit several. Choose the best one.

If you want to use another category, write a new blog post and include it under that category. Check for about a 1-2% density of your keyword.  Don’t overdo it.

Read It Aloud Before Publishing Your Blog to the Web

Get an idea of how your blog sounds to the reader. Read it aloud to see if makes sense to you.

Often when we write, our brains connect thoughts we’re hearing in our heads before our body completes that action.

You’ll discover gaps in your thinking or writing, double-clutches, misspelled words, run on sentences, etc., if you choose to proof your writing this way.

A better practice is to open recording software on your computer and record the blog post. This allows you to repurpose the content in a video or audio podcast.

You won’t have to create an additional script, you already have it.

The Mechanics of Publishing Your Blog to the Web

Publishing Your Blog OnlineWithin most if not all blogging platforms, publishing your blog to the web is as easy as a mouse click. The question to ask is when do you want to publish your blog?

If immediately, you can click the publish button found on the same page where you’ve written your blog.

Want it to publish at a certain time on a day in the future?

Use the “schedule” function.

Just set the date as though you are marking a future date on a calendar, then schedule and publish. Your blog post goes live on the day you designated.

Publishing Your Blog and Metrics

One of the most critical activities of blogging is measurement. Everything on the internet involving your inbound marketing can be measured.

To blog effectively ensure that you are tracking the effectiveness of your blog posts, landing pages, offers and leads activity. Keep these in mind when you write a blog post.

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