WordPress Blogging Content Management System

WordPress Blogging Content Management System

WordPress blogging is an excellent content management system. It allows one the ability to integrate with all that is on the web. At the same time, it maintains a separation between Social Media sites which allow you to remain in control of your content. No one wants a site that goes offline or keeps restricting you with changes everyday.

Yet that is what people find on my Social Media sites. Those who have chosen not to use their own websites and to use a Social Media site instead do not quite understand the value of this model. The aim is to build your own “tribe” of fans that interact directly with your content. Spending hours on a Social Media site is counter productive.


WordPress Can Become Your Valuable Asset

Perhaps some are not familiar with how valuable an online property is. In future blogs, we’ll talk about some monetization strategies. Many opportunities are lost because of ignorance. People are just not aware of how important it is to  have your own blog.

When you lease a car, you must eventually take it back to the dealer. Yes, it was nice for the time you used it. But, it’s not your car. You can’t sell it. You don’t own the asset. A blog on your own domain is a valuable asset. One day you may choose to sell it. You can sell it in the same way a car is sold. Cars are sold in parts and they’re sold as a single unit. The same is true for a blog.

What many are not aware of is how much a blog can be sold for in both its parts or as a single unit. But until that time, it becomes valuable. That’s another reason why you want to be building your own content to your blog. Your content gets shared on the web. That’s why WordPress blogging should be a part of your content strategy.

WordPress A System for Backlinks

WordPress Blogging and Social MediaAs others Social Bookmark your site, i.e. post it to other Social Media sites and “Like It”, you begin to create backlinks. Those backlinks are valuable, especially when they are natural and organic.

High authority sites, .gov and .edu backlinks can bring a lot of traffic to your website over time.

They also help to build the value of your site. You can’t build backlinks to Social Media sites and get credit for it. That’s why you want to post your website link to the Social Media site versus posting your content on the Social Media site.

This sounds like a trivial thing but it’s not. It’s extremely important.

Of what benefit is it to have your content shared. The most places your content is shared, the more exposure and free media you receive.

WordPress BloggingYou don’t hear people on Social Media sites talking about a particular website as a rule. They are there to be a community. Your job is to create your own community.

WordPress Blogging Content Management System Is Not The Only Way To Go

Although a lot of great things can be said about WordPress, it is not the only game in town. There is Drupal and a couple of other blogging platforms. However, they are not as popular as WordPress. They are more complicated to use. That means you can expect a web developer to charge you a premium for those systems.

WordPress Blogging

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