Are Webmasters Holding Your Website Marketing Hostage?

A common problem I’ve faced as a director of a website design and development company is webmasters who hold their clients website marketing program hostage or in bondage. This problem occurs too often where a client pays the company for a website related service but never builds or releases their website.

Some times this can be as simple as holding their domain name so it cannot be transferred to another site.

How To Address This Problem

We never want a company to feel compelled to do business with us simply because we can “lock down” their domain and hosting. We never refuse a company or individual access to their website, nor do we prevent them from transferring to another company if they desire it.

We believe this respects and individual’s decision and right to choose whom they believe provides the best quality service. We want all our clients and customers to employ and use our services, because they really want to and see the value we provide.

What Should You Do If You’re Having Difficulty With A Webmaster Or Web-Hosting Provider Releasing Your Site or Domain?

If your domain is active and you’ve paid for the website and hosting, contact them by phone. Escalate the issue until you reach someone who can speak with you. Ask them to release your domain, website files, etc. Let them know that you have another host.

If they agree to release it, make arrangements with your new provider. They should be cooperative and assist with whatever information is needed. You can get a good feel for how responsive they are by their Webmaster Holding Your Website Hostagewillingness to offer support. Any good webmaster knows they can’t please everyone, will make a mistake, even if unintentional (and we have done ourselves.

When this happens the best course of action is to apologize and be as cooperative as possible to help them move on. When you treat your clients with respect, they remember it and some of them return to you when they experience issues with their other providers or when they attempt to go it alone.

Websites Need Continual Care and Maintenance

If you own a website, realize that you need to maintain it. It should be updated regularly with fresh new content and  outdated files or software require regular updates. In the event it goes offline creating an outage making it impossible for visitors and customers to find you.

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