What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the process of enabling your website to display on the world wide web. Think of it like your smartphone provider. Your website address (called your domain name) is actually a digital number, like a phone number. Just as a phone number is of little or no use and cannot work without a service provider, your website cannot be displayed without a hosting provider.

You can purchase your own hosting account as easily as you can purchase service for your phone. As a matter of fact, its even easier.

Which Hosting Account Service Should I Use?

First things first. In order to use a hosting account, you’ll need a domain name. This is your web address, e.g. www.mydomain.com. Choose a domain name wisely and strategically.The following are a list of domain name providers. They also provide hosting for those domain names.





Choose a Domain Name With A Great Keyword

A good option is to perform keyword research then include a good keyword in your domain name. This should be a keyword which is already receiving traffic through searches. A keyword is a word or phrase which people type into Google, Yahoo or Bing, when they look for something or someone online.

By using a keyword, it allows you to have a head start on attracting traffic to your site. Keep in mind there is competition, i.e. others competing for the same term. That’s why it’s necessary to use good web content and search engine marketing strategies to rank your website.

It’s like standing on freeway where the traffic is already flowing. We do not recommend you do this on the freeway, but on the information highway, i.e. the web, you definitely want your website to stand in front of the traffic. That’s how you get hits, i.e. people clicking on your content links and visiting your website.

Web Host Pricing

Domain names are variably priced. One reason for this is that there are different types of domain names, meaning they have different suffixes such as .com, .net. .org, .biz, .info and .tv. New ones are popping up every day. For commercial business, the best option is to find a .com name. For non-profits, choose .org. When you can’t find the domain in a .com, which is harder each day, try alternate spellings or use other suffixes.

Pricing on average is about $12 per year, though you may find them less or more expensive. The non .com domains can also be prices as little as $2.00, but as they become more popular, the prices rise. So by the time you’re reading this, you may or may not find such pricing available.

Non-premium domain names. Non-premium domain names, i.e. those which are not in high demand, hot niches or are not yet recognized to be so, are priced at the normal price ranges.

Premium domain names: Premium domain names can be priced into the thousands of dollars because the niche is hot and or the potential upswing in traffic and income is recognized to be great.

Seasoned domain names: There are also domain names which have expired from non-used or neglect which are valuable because of their age. Many people search these out and sell them for profit.


A webmaster is the person(s) or company who manages your website. Not everyone needs a professional webmaster. Many people can manage their own websites. Some webmasters do not want you to know this. However, it can become time consuming and may require technical knowledge and skills that either you do not have, and do not have the time or desire to live.

While a hosting account is inexpensive, some start with an intro level for as little as 1 penny, then require a monthly amount of $5 or $6 per month. Others offer more for about $15 monthly. If you are knowledge or willing to learn that is all you need. The companies also offer service 24/7. This works for some. However, it does not work for all.

The time it takes to manage a website or to fix or repair a problem, and they do happen. Websites break because of coding issues, incorrect data entry, hackers, and software conflicts. This is where the experience of a webmaster and web developer is worth the bigger bucks you pay them. The disservice of a broken site can cost a business more than they will ever pay in hosting charges. You must decide which is best for you. Its a risk you take.

A great webmaster gets on the phone or online with the hosting service provider to work out the problems, often while you’re sleeping through the night. They fix the display issues and software incompatibility issues. Weigh your options. Business owners who are focused on their business growth and management do not want to manage websites.

Problems With Webmasters

Can there be problems with webmasters? Yes. Some problems occur with inexperience, oversight or technology issues. However, some webmasters use practices which we do not recommend and which we teach our clients to avoid. You do not want webmaster owning your hosting accounts nor have them register your domain under their business or name. If you do, they own your domain and can shut it down at will or if they were to go out of business, can leave you stranded.

We see this problem everyday and always encourage our clients to buy their own hosting and domains. If we handle this transaction for them, we always do so in their own names or business. That keeps our relationship very balanced. We must earn their business to keep it. If not, they are free to leave. Secondly, they can never be held hostage by us or any other webmaster.

Most webmasters do not want to release your domain name or your hosting. They want you to think that is the only way you can do business with them or anyone. It is not.

One Drawback To Having Your Own Inexpensive Hosting

While “cheap” or inexpensive hosting can work for many people, there is one caveat. When you use this type of hosting, you are using shared hosting. This means other users are sharing the same server as you. The resources are limited. So if your site begins to add more content, get more traffic, the hosting company can shut it down or limit traffic which flows to your website.

You will then be required to purchase your own dedicated server, which can start at a few hundred bucks per month, a long stretch from the five or six dollars you pay for shared hosting. Companies that have security concerns almost always have their own dedicated server.

If you benefited from this information, share your comment below. Need web hosting, choose one of the providers above or call us to assist you. We’ll make sure you’re in the driver’s seat.

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