Use Google Keyword Tools To Automate Traffic Search

Using Google Keyword Tools Automate Research

Google keyword tools are available through its Adwords program. Unless you know where it is, it’s harder to find than it is to use. Google keeps track of large numbers of keywords and additional data to help you make smart decisions about your research.

For example, the tool allows you to exclude undesirable keywords from your search. This means that when those terms are typed into the search fields they will not trigger searches to your pages. So, you don’t get the unwanted traffic. If you’re spending money on PPC, this is important because it saves you from wasted clicks and wasted money.

A Video About Google Keyword Tools

Identify Trends with the Google Keyword Tools

Google Keyword ToolsGoogle Keyword Tools also helps you to identify trends in the use of a particular keyword. They include bar charts which show the use of a term over time. You can see if that keyword is trending upward, downward or is flat or holding steady.

You’ll also see the number of searches for a particular keyword. This data is not totally accurate according to information I’ve received. Google does not show all the traffic for a particular keyword.

By viewing the cost per click of the keyword, you can get an idea of how competitive it is. Another factor is the competition ratings. It is ranked from low to medium to high indicating the difficulty of ranking for it.  There are several ways to give yourself advantages to rank for keywords considered difficult.  So, don’t give up just because it’s labeled difficult.

Find Keywords That Have Sufficient Traffic

It is counterproductive to target keywords with low searches unless you know how to structure your website to take advantage of those terms. You can set the perimeters for keys that will not search for terms with less than X number or that have more than X number of keywords.

Alternatives To Google Keyword Tools

Google Keyword ToolsThere are tools that can bring back searches not only from Google, but also from Bing, Yahoo and others. Some have claimed that Google’ keyword tools bring back terms favorable to advertisers with them. I’m not sure if this is true or not.

However, by using third party tools developed by software engineers, many more words are available for search.

For example: Keyword Snatcher is a very inexpensive keyword research tool that returns 1000’s of keywords in one search. They, like Google’s keyword tool allow you to download  them to a spread sheet which you can manage.

Keyword Canine Keyword Research Tool

This tool allows you to research keywords, determine the difficulty of ranking them but also gives you insightful data on precisely what it takes to out rank your competitors. Check out these tools to see how they can help you better utilize the data you get from using Google keyword tools.

Google Keyword Tools

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