Get Traffic To Your Blog With Audience Relevant Keywords

Is It Possible To Get Traffic To Your Blog?

The simple answer to that question is yes. Getting traffic to your blog is easy. In fact, if you will get a blog post online, you will discover within a few hours or a few days, you will have traffic to your site. It’s one of easiest and most simple ways to get traffic from the web.

That said, there are other questions you should answer. How to increase traffic, where to buy traffic and how much web traffic do you want? Even more important is what is the quality of traffic you want to get to your blog. What I mean getting a sufficient amount of quality traffic is the better question.

Let’s say for example that you get 10,000 or more visits per month to your website. If these are “tire kickers” this kind of traffic doesn’t do you much good. Thousands of random hits can mean a waste of your time. So, how do you get relevant traffic. First, use audience relevant keywords. In other words, the keywords you use must or should relate to the people you want to reach. How do you find them?

To Get Traffic To Your Blog, Get Clear On Your Intention

Get Traffic To Your BlogThis is a part of the internal process that is involved in traffic. For many, the only purpose for which they want traffic is to sell a product or service. However, those who truly understand value propositions realize that product sales are a by product of a higher client-focused mission.

If your aim is some form of transformation for the market you are trying to reach, you have a greater chance of attracting them. How many people do you know have as their transformational goal to spend all their money with you or me?

Probably none. So why would that be your purpose for marketing to them. Raise your vibration a bit so you can resonate on a level with your market.

What does this mean?

Find Out What They Want?

Everybody wants something. In fact, we want lots of things. But some things are more urgent, more important, more useful than others. Solving this challenge for your market is how you select Get Trffic To Your Blogaudience relevant keywords. You must be more relevant to get traffic to your blog.

In other words, get traffic to your blog by speaking about their dreams, hopes, fears, anxieties, and challenges are what keep them awake at night. Discover what makes them search online for hours doing trying to find a solution to their problem.

It’s what makes them take their wallets out, even sometimes when they can’t logically and financially justify the purchase, make an impulse buy. Their need for a solution exceeds their sensibility and rationale thinking.

They may not even know what it is exactly they are searching for. That’s where your job as a marketer must fill the gap. You must be able to show them or direct them to that which fills the hunger inside of them. It’s an excellent way to get traffic to your blog.

Speak About What Hurts Them

Get Traffic To Your BlogTake for example a person who has just received a new assignment or promotion. What do they want? They want to succeed. They feel a heavy burden to make a great impression and get results.

They need to prove first to themselves and to others that they are capable of handling the job assigned to them. They don’t want to fail or make irreversible mistakes.

Would you offer these people a promotion that says “buy my stuff”? No. You’d write a blog post about how to succeed quickly when you just been promoted” or how to ensure success in your new job.

How to alleviate performance anxiety and get results, or something to that effect would all be great subjects. Now, depending on other factors, you are speaking the language of your ideal prospect and offering him or her the transformation they seek at least for the moment.

So, put some thought into your marketing if you want to get traffic to your blog. Use audience relevant keywords.

Actions Steps to Get Traffic To Your Blog

  1. Define your market
  2. Clearly define the transformation they seek
  3. Create the solution or process to get them there in the shortest time with the least stress
  4. Rinse and repeat