3 Quick Tips To Optimize WordPress

Optimize Your Internal Settings

What are ways to optimize WordPress’ internal settings? WordPress comes as a very complete system for creating and maximizing your blogsite. By uploading a few plugins like All In One SEO, you are able to add increased functionality and power.

The All In One SEO plugin can be downloaded and installed in less than a minute. It will take just a few more minutes to enter your information into the data fields. Once this is done, the plugin ...

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Keyword Research Tools and Tips

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the missing piece to getting more traffic on the web from search engines. We call this organic or non-paid traffic. It differs from PPC (pay-per-click) in that all it requires is knowledge, acquired skill and sweat equity versus a huge marketing budget.

Researching keywords is a very important task in your internet marketing. Some questions to be answered are:

  • How do you implement keyword research?
  • How do I develop proper keyword research skills?
  • Are there any tools that can help ...
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