Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic Pros and Cons

Organic Versus Paid Traffic

Its important when deciding upon a traffic strategy to consider some of the pros and cons of each. A paid traffic strategy means that you’re willing to  part with cash in order to get traffic. Your traffic will be almost immediate. From the time you turn on the “traffic spigot” until you turn it off. Lots of people believe having traffic on your site is a good thing. Not necessarily.

What ...

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5 Easy Steps To Make Your Blog Sticky

Make A Blog Sticky

To make a blog sticky, means that your content is great and people want to share it with others. They email it and pass it on because they like it, see it as helpful and feel others would benefit as well.

Sticky means more people read your blog, interact with your content, see your offers and purchase more of your products or services.

That’s great isn’t it?

Have you ever encountered something that just stuck with you? Maybe it was ...

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