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Some Questions to Answer Before You Start a Blog

Start A BlogWhile many people view blogging as difficult primarily because of the writing requirement, the process of blogging is relatively easy.

What’s important is that you have someone to instruct you through the maze of information you need initially to prevent you from becoming frustrated or discouraged.

As long as your instructor is patient and supportive, you can learn the basics of starting a blog and be on your way to online publishing in no time.

Starting A Blog Requires Planning

Decide what niche you plan to pursue. Why are you pursuing it?

Do you have knowledge, expertise, training or skills that you want to share?

You’ll also want to know how passionate you are about the topic. Do you really believe in it?

Is there a strong desire to help others? Is there a threatening problem about which people should know?

Can you demonstrate how others can profit with your information and resources?

Check Out The Competition

Who else is blogging on that topic? How are they doing with it? Are they succeeding? What are your chances of succeeding? Is the topic trending upward or downward. Is it in vogue or obsolete?

Take the time to answer these questions.

Before You Start A Blog Research Traffic Metrics

How much traffic are the keywords getting? Is it enough to sustain a business model. Or, perhaps you simply want to write for pleasure and in that case it doesn’t matter as much but you will need to be clear.

Consider Joining A Bloggers Group

There are many communities that have people interested in started a blog but who do not know where to begin.

Check for blogging basics workshops in your area.

Start Blogging Today



These can be great opportunities not only to blog, but to meet new friends and business associates and form beneficial alliances.

Whatever you do, don’t let fear or procrastination stop you from starting a blog.

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