Social Website Marketing

Social Website Marketing

Social Media MarketingHow many leads are your social website marketing resources generating each day or month? Most people do not have the tools to track such results.

Social Website Marketing

However, a key to knowing how you’re doing on the internet is the ability to track every phase of your marketing strategy.

For example, you will want to know how much traffic your website is getting each day. Unfortunately, this is not enough. You also want to know where the traffic is coming from and what is driving it to your site.

Secondly, its important to understand why they are visiting your website or blog, how long they stay, what pages they visit, and what they do while they are on your pages.

It’s also important to measure where in your sales process potential customers may be bail out. Perhaps you choose not to accept a certain type of credit card, so a customer who was willing to do business with you could not.

Or, maybe it’s your guarantee policy of the lack of one. Another issue could be too much chatter going on while they’re attempting to make a decision that keeps distracting them. When you have processes in place to measure each of these, you can address and correct them.

Social Website Marketing With Blogs

Social Website MarketingThirdly, what do you do when you notice that a particular social marketing website or blog post or article is read much more than others? This may be an opportunity for you to create more content of the same, e.g. an eBook , white paper or video that goes into more detail on the subject.

Yesterday, I visited a website that I really liked. It had features that made the work of a competitor seem like lifting 500lbs compared to 10lbs in its ease of use.

The software on the website was so intuitive that I completely skipped watching the tutorial videos. However, having used the Social Website Marketing Blog competitor’s site, I noticed one difference the competitor had over the new site.

This difference was such a minor programming issue, that it almost appeared to be an oversight. However, when I emailed the site owner, he offered to notify the programmer.

The message I received back was that they would not make the change even though their competitor’s site made this very desirable process as easy as pie.

It wasn’t merely the fact that the software function was unavailable; it was the programmers attitude that it wasn’t worth changing that gave me the rub. So much for social website marketing!

The result they were getting without it turned what was an excellent product into an amateurish one that lost all of it’s appeal. They attempted to resolve the issue by directing me to another template that did not offer the same look and feel.

Now, what can happen with such a process, and why is it important. Well, note that some people will take the time to write or blog about the flaws they find. It’s a privilege of social website marketing.

Social website marketingSecondly, that message can spread viral and generate more negative feed back. Thirdly, it could send the site visitor looking for a better solution. The scenarios are endless.

Perhaps they could measure the number of complaints they get about the form and decide whether it’s worth their while to make the adjustment. Or they could wait until it spreads on Twitter and Facebook and deal with the fallout later.

To get a response from a prospective customer whether good or bad, is good. It offers excellent opportunities to improve service and even turn a customer around. If they ever choose to correct that glitch, I’m going to be the first to write a positive review for the company.

Social Website Marketing Summary

Social website marketing matters. Get an analysis of your website by reviewing a customized report. Do it now, you may find an opportunity to improve your service by taking heed to your social website marketing metrics.

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