Seven Blogging Secrets To Get More Readers

Blogging Secrets

Seven Blogging secrets to getting more readers begin with a few simple practices and tips. In this post we’ll cover a few that could help you get more readers for your blog.

Grab Attention Quickly

Capture the attention of your readers quickly. How do you do it. Use a great headline. Study the words that get attention. For example, in this headline, I used the word “secrets”. which is a word that get’s attention and raises curiosity.

For those interested in getting more readers, they want to know the secrets.

Use A Numbered List

Numbered lists are easy ways to organize content. It tells the reader how much information to expect. They know, as in the above there are 7 secrets. These 7 blogging secrets can be noted down and easily remembered. When people can organize and remember content, they are more likely to use it or take action.

Add an Interesting Graphic

7 Blogging SecretsAs the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It may also be worth a thousand visitors to your site.

Photos attract attention and when they are optimized with “alt tags” or keywords, they help your SERPS, (Search Engine Ranking Positon). Take the time to add a photo to your blog posts.

Use Video


Video, when used is the first type of content people view on a site or post. Why? It’s because we can learn more very quickly from watching videos.

How-to videos are great for demonstrating a process, product or how to best utilize a service. Take the time to create short video clips.


Blogging Secrets on Steroids: Be Entertaining

Use entertainment to gain more readers. People love to be entertained. By injecting humor and entertainment in your content, you attract more readers. People will listen longer and stay tuned when you entertainment.

Integrate Social Media

Share your content across social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Comment regularly on these and other platforms. Your blog can be directly integrated with your social media platforms saving you time and effort.

Blogging Secrets: Post Often

Of all the blogging secrets, the most violated law of branding is consistency. Today, business should be practicing content branding. In other words, build your brand through your content in addition to traditional branding.

The more entries you have in a content, mathematically, the more chances you have to win. It works with blogging. These Seven blogging secrets can make a huge difference in your blog results.

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