QR Codes

QR-Codes are called Quick Response Codes (which are square-shaped bar codes)  in which you can enter information, such as a web address link to a page on your website for more information, a message, phone number or physical address. QR-Codes are read with mobile devices such as smartphones (Android or i-Phones) which you can download from the app store on your phone. They are free. Scan them just as you would use a bar code scanner.

They can be found on everything from T-shirts, documents, products, and packaging containing all kinds of information.

Watch the video to learn how to generate your own QR-Code absolutely free. Click the drop down arrow to choose the type of QR Code you want. Or you can enter a text. Then click “submit”.

Create them in different colors to match or contrast with any colors on your website or in your printed promotions. Then, right click to save as (just as you download a photo). That’s all there is to it.

Listen to the Audio Instructions To Generate Your QR Code


or watch the video to see exactly how it is done.

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