Posting Ads to Facebook

Posting Ads To Facebook

Posting Ads to FacebookIn a previous blog post we discussed Facebook Ads Relevance Score, but here, we’re going to discuss the posting ads to Facebook using different types of Ads.

When posting your ads, you’ll need to make a decision on the type of ad you’ll post. There type of ad you choose will depend upon your objective for the ad. So what do you consider to determine the type of ads to post?

There is a Dark Post Ad

What is a dark post ad? It’s an ad that does not show up in your newsletter feed on Facebook. For example, when you create a post directly on your Facebook page, you are creating an ad to run in your news feed. People will see that ad directly on your Facebook page.

However, when you create a Dar Post Ad, you must use the “create ad” feature and choose “boost post”. This allows you to create an ad that looks pretty much the same as your news feed ad but it works somewhat differently.

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Posting Ads To Facebook Using Dark Post Ads

Another consideration you’ll have when posting ads to Facebook using the dark post ad selection is that you’ll have unlike the news feed, you’ll have fewer words to with which to work. This means that you’ll need to write good copy, i.e. a great headline and description for your ad.

It’s must grab the attention of your target audience and quickly reel them in. Depending on the objective you choose, this ad will direct people to your website. Maybe you have a page describing your product or service. Or, it may be an offer for purchase.

Another purpose is to direct them to a poll or survey, i.e. some form of engagement objective to elicit a response. Another goal could be to complete your sign up form and join your mailing list. These are all fantastic objectives.

Some Additional Tips When Posting Ads To Facebook

  • Use a brightly colored image. As a rule, color is going to attract more attention than a bland image. Another reason to use an image period is because there are restrictions on the amount of text that can display in the ad. According to Facebook guidelines, the text in your dark post ad cannot exceed 20% of the image. For this an other reasons, your ads must be approved by Facebook before they are allowed to run on the platform.
  • Choose your audience. Some ads are poorly targeted. Facebook allows you to target the specific audience you want to reach. They will also show you the potential reach in numbers of how many people could possibly see your ads.
  • Set your budget. Decide on how much you will spend. This is another difference between boosting a news feed post versus creating the ad within the ads manager. The former are very expensive and siphon off your marketing dollars pretty quickly.
  • Test your ad. Once you’ve been approved, test your ad to see how effective it is performing. How many people are seeing it, versus clicking through? How much are you spending per impression or click-thru.

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These are a few matters to consider when posting ads to Facebook.