Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic Pros and Cons

Organic Versus Paid Traffic

Its important when deciding upon a traffic strategy to consider some of the pros and cons of each. A paid traffic strategy means that you’re willing to  part with cash in order to get traffic. Your traffic will be almost immediate. From the time you turn on the “traffic spigot” until you turn it off. Lots of people believe having traffic on your site is a good thing. Not necessarily.

What should be considered is the utilization of traffic. How well does your website use the traffic it receives? Here’s what I mean. If you’re sending traffic to your site you should have some idea of the basic metrics. What is your CPM, i.e. cost per impression? In other words how much are you paying  per thousand impressions?  What is your page CTR or click thru rate? What is your cost per click?

Paid Traffic Is Immediate

You can set up an ad on Googlel Adwords, Facebook or some other program that points to a page on your site. As soon as you turn on the traffic, you’ll start to get traffic. How much depends on several factors, such as:

  • How much you’ve paid
  • Demongraphics selectred
  • Quality score
  • Effectiveness of your ad

Organic trafficMore could be cited but that should give a pretty good idea. The quality of the page or content is not as critical with paid traffic. You can send traffic to the worst converting page ever. Therein lies the danger in just buying traffic. You should think about the content that is on the page. After all, the ad gets them there but the content will need to sell them.

If you’re using affiliate products and the ad goes to a page with those products then it’s likely that the owners has put together some type of marketing product or service of high value. You can send all the traffic you want to these pages.

Organic Traffic

With organic traffic, your content is everything. It must persuade the prospect through the page title and descriptions that it is worthwhile to the web search. You can also assist the page by adding it to Social Media and Social Bookmarking sites with links and comments that point back to your site.

Use every strategy you can including word of mouth to get people to your page. Writing articles and submitting those to article directories is another way to get organic traffic. Record a video, and audio podcast and list your page URL.

SEO and Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization helps to write web friendly content. A well optimized page that has great content is likely to rank higher and show up more often and prominently in the search engines. Discover more about getting traffic through content. Attend our Blogging Basics 101 Lunch and Learn. Click the bright orange button for more details.

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