Use Organic Content For Lead Generation

Organic Content Generates Targeted Leads

Organic Content for Online SearchCreating organic content can be an excellent way to generate targeted leads when all the right systems are in place.

You certainly should attract those who are searching for your content if you have targeted your audience correctly and used both the keywords in your niche and those used by people searching online.

It should always be remember that people may speak a different language than the technical jargon we hear online and in internet marketing circles.

It’s important to listen to the market and to pay attention to the manner in which they describe the problems and challenges they face.

They need solutions and the language used must resonate with them. This the challenge and opportunity you face with creating organic content.

Google Prioritizes Quality Organic Content

Organic ContentAccording to Google Webmaster’s Tools, organic content drives much of their search results. While there are many practices considered “black hat” used by the “marketing gurus” who follow after the next hottest product online, the process of buying links, using hidden html, and fancy footwork link schemes can damage your site.

It’s important when writing organic content that you describe what it is that you’re talking about or presenting. This gives both the reader and the search engine bots like Google and opportunity to know what your page is about. The images on the page are a part of your quality content and they should be relevant to the text on the page.

In other words, if you’re speaking of gardening, you wouldn’t have an image of a bicycle shop in the picture. They are unrelated and would create confusion.

What’s the Difference Between Syndicated or Duplicated Versus Organic Content?

Organic ContentSyndicated content and/or duplicated content is found elsewhere on the web. Most believe that Google penalizes you for duplicate content. The truth is, it depends on how the content is used. Since Google prioritizes organic content, syndicated and duplicated content is not original. Can it be used? Yes.

The key is, you must add value to the content. A good rule of thumb is to write about 30% or the original content so that you’ve added value to it. Bring a different perspective. Add some new statistics, research, etc.. This gives the reader a unique experience when they find similar content on your site. But, it’s different because you have added your own original spin to it.

It’s also important when offering affiliate products not to use the same wording. In other words, don’t just copy the same sales letter or promotion and put it on your site. Change it up. Rewrite it. This makes your content unique and may give you an edge since your content is authentic.

Action Steps

  1. Write an original blog post and post to your site.
  2. Find an article or post that compliments your article and revise it by 30%. (This allows you to create quality content faster)
  3. Check for any duplicated or syndicated content you’ve copied and pasted and replace it with organic content.

That will give you a good head start on creating the kind of content that can generated leads and get shared across the web. Remember, quality, relevant, organic content is king!

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