Online Advertising Caution for Newbies

Online Advertising For Newbies

Before beginning any online advertising program, it’s important to know what you are doing. I remember the first time I ran a major ad in a major publication. I called an advertising agency, spoke with an agent and requested an ad. I knew nothing about how to design an ad or to write online advertising ad copy. It was an expensive education. Absolutely no response on the ad. It was very pretty. But that’s about it. No sales. None. As I spent time perusing the magazine and noticing the other ads, it became apparent, why my ad didn’t sell. The headline wasn’t specific and purposed. There was no promise, no benefits. It was full of features. It had no clear call to action. Wow, a major lesson learned. Not!

Go slowly when beginning your online advertising campaign. Test your ads first to see if they work. It may be best to try another platform that is free and easy before moving to paid ads. Once you get a winner, then you can try the paid ads.

Using Google Adwords

Online Advertising Google AdsGoogle has a platform that is somewhat intuitive. But there are nuances that require some knowledge and experience to use. Without knowing those criteria, you could pay more for an ad. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have a good ad. There are many other factors involved. A great ad with a bad ad strategy ends up with less than stellar results.

Different Type of Newspaper Ads

  • Classified
  • Spotlight
  • Circular
  • Display
  • Business Card

The problem with offline or push ads is that you can’t determine how many people or who specifically saw your ad. How many of those people are in your actual target market? Do they meet your demographics and psychographics? Today, online ads allow you to Geo target ads.

Online Advertising With Facebook

If you hOnline Advertisingave a business in a specific location, you can target radius within proximity of that business. Every time someone comes within that specific radius, they will receive an ad on their cell phones. This is called Geo-targeting.

Facebook introduced their Local Awareness ads about a month or so ago. The beauty of online advertising with Facebook is that it offers so much more information about individuals who interact on their platform which is important to businesses.

The information shared in likes, sharing, comments and various post and profiles reveal vitally important information. Thus, a business can laser target the customers it seeks. Facebook went mobile to have the ability to market to those mobile phones.

WordPress Lunch and Learn Training

Online Advertising For Newbies


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