Using Mobile Marketing Campaigns With Inbound Marketing

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile Marketing CampaignsUsing mobile campaigns with inbound marketing can be a great plus for your business. According to, smartphones are turning millions more into mobile shoppers, numbers that will increase nearly triple by 2015.

In 2011, US Mobile commerce sales (including )travel) surged 91.4%, to reach 6.7 billion. The mobile industry predicts continued strong growth that will boost sales to $31 billion in 2015. Three factors driving this growth are:

  • More smart phone users
  • Increase comfort level of online shopping
  • Increase in number of retailers launching mobile apps

While not all businesses are best suited for mobile applications, the following are a few that most definitely should be using mobile marketing technology.


  1. Spas/Salons
  2. Locksmiths
  3. Bars/Pubs/Night Clubs
  4. Chinese/Pizza/Food Delivery
  5. Hotels/Motels
  6. Golf Courses
  7. Car Dealerships
  8. Electricians
  9. Plumbers
  10. Real Estate Agents

These are just a few. The list is by no means exhaustive. If you’re industry or profession is on that list and you’re not using mobile marketing campaigns, you are falling prey to your competition.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns with Urgency Services

Mobile Maketing Campaigns for Inbound MarketingOne factor that helps you to determine whether you are a prime candidate for mobile marketing is urgency. Does your business offer a service that is perceived as urgent and necessary. What about emergency auto repair for mechanical breakdowns or flat tire service?

How about plumbing and electrical repairs or heating and air conditioner service depending the time of year. Every locked your keys in your car or ignition? Chances are you won’t have your computer at hand when events like those happen, but your handy smart phone is never more than 3 feet away. Who get’s the call. The best most accessible mobile site wins! Will that be your business?

Mobile Marketing Campaigns for Appointment-Based Businesses

A second category is whether your business is appointment based. Spas and Salons of all types often require appointment based booking systems.  Users received text notifications by phone for their appointment or can even be notified when a spot opens due to a cancellation.

Running mobile marketing campaigns can generate new business by offering specials, discounts, contests and other services. At any place where eyeballs can see your ad, you can  offer an incentive to text.

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Mobile Marketing Campaigns

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