Local Internet Marketing Are You There Yet?

Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet MarketingLocal internet marketing are you there yet? The key to successful internet marketing, also known as online marketing is that of being findable online.

It’s important to understand why local internet marketing is one of the best ways to generate new customers.

It is therefore important to study the how the online habits of consumers can affect your find-ability.

What Is Local Internet Marketing?

Local internet marketing is the geographical targeting of consumers for local products and services. Businesses owners and operators must understand that consumers search the web differently when they are ready to buy locally.

Google has made significant changes in the way it’s algorithms work to serve up local search results. Consumers usually place Geographic Modifers (city name, zip code, neighborhood) in their search terms when searching for local products and services.

However, this has become less necessary for online searches today. Many online results are now geared towards local searches.

Understanding Shopping Habits and Local Internet Marketing

The key to the “inside knowledge” of local online shoppers is simply to think like one. Even better, it is the be conscious of what you are doing when you search for something locally. In other words, think about how you shop online.

Let’s say you were searching for a plasma TV or a set of Calphalon cook wear. More likely than not, you would read reviews and specs online. But, the one thing you probably wouldn’t do, is hit the “add to cart” button.


It’s because you want it now.

Most consumers research products and services online but prefer to buy locally. And when they are ready, they generally perform a “Local Search” (city, zip, neighborhood) for a Local Business to purchase their product or service.

The Hidden Message of Local Internet Marketing

The hidden message is simple but often hidden from the many local business owners who are yet concentrating mostly on “push” or “outbound” marketing. Local searchers are ready to buy!

Potential customers are looking for you online right now!

Are You There Yet?

If not, why not. Business that succeed, think of all the ways they can, business that fail, think of all the ways they can’t.

If your marketing consists largely or only of push marketing,

Newspaper ads
Print Yellow Page Ads
TV advertising
Radio ads, etc

You would benefit greatly by adding or integrating an online strategy with local internet marketing.

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