Kublai Khan Stir Fry Restaurant Review

Kublai Khan Stir Fry Restaurant

Kublai Khan Stir Fry ReviewKublai Khan Stir Fry restaurant is delightful restaurant located in Southaven, MS. Today, I had the wonderful experience of arriving just under the wire to have lunch in a bowl, a silver (stainless steel) bowl at that. I didn’t know what to expect. I had not dined there before.

Shortly after being promptly seated, I was greeted by a very nice waitress. She immediately noticed I was new and offered me the “bowl.” She said I could put as much food in it as I wanted but by the time it was cooked, it would be much more. When I got to the food area, the choices were chicken, beef, teriyaki chicken, shrimp, crab, etc.

I made a few selections, added vegetables and then it was time for the seasoning. I generously added a pinch of almost everything. Shortly thereafter a young lady looked at my partially confused face and suggested that I might not want to go overboard on the seasoning.

Kublai Khan Stir Fry Owner Very Nice

Kublai Khan Stir Fry Restaurant noodles I did not discover until later that she was the humble, unassuming but very amiable owner of the Kublai Khan Stir Fry restaurant. I took her advice and handed my overflowing bowl and seasoning cups to the chef.

When the waitress returned, in very short order, I had a steamy hot spicy seasoned burgundy bowl of delicious aroma of fried rice, vegetables and meat. The taste was fantastic. As I began to eat, I realized that here was a place where every time I dined, the food would be just a little different, so I wouldn’t get bored with it.

The taste would only be limited by my creativity and experiments with seasoning, sauces and selections of foods. I was hungry having experienced a long work day, so with patience and delight, the entire bowl of stir fry was consumed with southern culture sweet tea. As I’m eating I’m thinking about bringing my wife and family back to enjoy this meal again.

Then, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner. She remembered helping me at the food bar. I thanked her for suggesting I cut back to about half the spices. We discussed business and had a wonderful conversation along with a mutual friend. At the end of our conversation, she took care of the bill which I was totally willing to do myself. The food was that delicious.

Kublai Khan Stir Fry dessertsIf you’re looking for a nice aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and mood for dining, Kublai Khan Stir Fry is the place. The sports bar is an open invitation for Super Bowl enthusiasts. It’s both cozy and open at the same time.

The restaurant is located at 7204 Airways, Southaven, MS. See their website at http://kublaikhanstirfry.com. I highly recommend that you try this food if you’re in the local area.

Kublai Khan Stir Fry Restaurant Review