Focus Your Marketing or Fail

Focus Your Marketing Or Fail Being Scattered

Focus Your MarketingWe used to have a saying in one business model that went something like this. Throw a bunch of mud on the wall and hope that some sticks. You’ll eventually succeed because after throwing enough mud, the wall would eventually become covered. Some today yet believe in this formula. They would rather spread their marketing dollars across multiple platforms they feel will help them to reach their goals. Nothing is specific; nothing is focused but their hitting all the areas, so something is bound to work.

What’s the Best Way Focus Your Marketing?

Suppose you were an archer and a target was place 50 yards away. Then, rather than taking aim at the target, you blind-folded yourself, spun around a few times and when you stopped, began to shoot. After each shot, you spun around again and repeated the process. Is it possible that you would eventually hit the target? Maybe. Would you waste a lot of shots trying? Absolutely. Would you recommend this as the way best way to approach hitting a target? Of course not. Yet this is what is done in marketing.

Can Your Customers and Clients Accurately Articulate Your Marketing Approach?

Do you want to know how well your market is targeted? Ask your customers and clients to tell you what you do? If they cannot with precision and accuracy say exactly what it is you do without being all over the place, then you have a problem with targeting your marketing. You have a problem with knowing who your real clients are, what you can do for them and why they should pay you to do it.

How Do You Correct Over Generalization in Marketing?

First, you must accurately define what it is you do and for whom you do it. You do not market to everyone nor is everyone your customer or potential customer. Start with the people who are your current customers and find out what commonalities they have. Why did they do and continue to do business with you? What are their specific demographics and psychographics? This will give you some revealing insights on how to target your marketing.

What are the problems they were attempting to solve? What are the problems you solved for them and how well did you do it? Do those problems yet need to be solved, or they ongoing or are there a list of new problems which must be solved once you’ve figured out how to resolve them?

Have a conversation with your current customers. Call your past customers and learn why they did business with you and why they don’t continue to do so. Document this information and learn from it. Use the information gained to create profiles and a plan to reach your ideal customer. Then focus all or the majority of your marketing efforts at that target. You will become better at hitting the target, i.e. become a trusted expert, and you will hit the target more frequently as you continue to perfect the process.

Focus Your Marketing

Remember to:

  • Focus your marketing
  • Target Your Marketing
  • Execute a focused marketing plan