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Facebook fan page marketing with custom fan page designs reportedly is larger than Marketing on the social media network giant which boasts more followers than many countries have people, can  produce great rewards. Much of that depends on having a strong professional presence through attractive custom fan page graphics and a bit of savvy marketing.

Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Page Marketing

Before beginning to market on Facebook, you’ll need a business fan page. Many use their personal profiles page to market. This violates Facebook’s policy and is also rude. Many are on the Social Media site for its social value and become very annoyed at constantly being bombarded with ads.

For this reason, Facebook requires that businesses set up pages to market their products and services. In addition, they allow an unlimited number of marketing fan pages. So, if you have multiple brands or want to feature different products or separate products from services, you can do it.

Setting up your page requires that you understand how to use the features of Facebook. You must have a login ID, then sign into the platform to create the page.

Planning Your Facebook  Fan Pages Marketing

The purpose of your marketing page should be thoughtfully planned and organized. You need time, images and the knowledge of the business type. Pages are created around personalities, companies, organizations, charities, and websites, etc.Choose the appropriate category which best fits your business.

Thought should go into the mission, purpose and design for your cover and profile. Facebook allows you to add marketing messages to a cover image which has dimension requirements of about 815px times 350px.

How To Make  A Fan PageYou will also need a profile image which should be about 170px X 170px. Once you have these graphics, and are competent about your subject you are ready to begin completing the profile. Not only should you plan for your custom design on Facebook, but equal or greater care and attention should be given to your actual marketing strategy.

  • What type of strategy will you use?
  • How often will you post?
  • What type of marketing messages will you send?
  • Will you post manually or via a Facebook App?
  • Who can post?

You’ll also need targeted keywords you want for your page so it can be found in the search engines. Keywords are the words and phrases which are being typed into the search engines by people searching the web to find a solution to their problem. By researching and using keywords in your custom fan page design, you are able to direct traffic to your fan page.

 Fan Page Marketing Templates

While custom fan page designs are preferred to give you that unique look and brand that stands out against the rest, you may also use fan page templates. These can be found in some of the D-I-Y (do-it-yourself) tutorials on how to make a fan page. There are also automatic fan page builders and fan page tab builders such as 22 Social App which allows users to build a very professional looking page in  a few clicks.

Fan page tabs are found within a fan page. You can add additional pages and features within your custom fan pages design or with templates to offer videos, photos, page likes, or a variety of apps.

Using Facebook Profiles

Using profiles is an essential part of your fan page marketing design. Your  profile tells your business page visitors who you are, why you are and what they can expect to find. This is where you also want to include Custom Fan Page Designsthose keywords. This helps people to find you. It should be interesting rather than boring. Use enough information without boring your readers.

Writing profiles can prove challenging. Many have other more experienced writers compose their profiles. The reason is because so much of the power of your page, especially when you have very little content, and even afterwards rests on your profile. They also show up in the search engines so many times this is what people when see when considering your niche.

Fan Page Marketing Post Types

When creating your actual posts, there are several types utilized on Facebook. The status update is the most common. You can post status updates as easily as entering a text message. Images and videos can be added to these posts.

Event posts are another type of posts. Tell people about your events and create buzz for them. If they are public, invite them to attend.

Photo Galleries. Create image galleries. People love to view photos and a picture speaks a thousands words. You create buzz and goodwill by showing the personal side of you with photos. Fan Page Marketing through posts consists of various types of ads for boosting posts, generating likes and for creating traffic. The tools are all a part of Facebook’s platform.

Creating Content For Facebook Marketing Fan Pages

Custom Fan Page DesignWriting Good Content for fan pages is very similar to creating content for blogs. In fact, fan pages can be used as blogs. Though the fan page tabs, a WordPress blog can be inserted into your Facebook business page saving you the time of posting on both. You can do it all in one platform.

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