Facebook Ads Relevance Score

The Importance of Your Facebook Ads Relevance Score

facebook ads relevanceFacebook ads relevance simply means how relevant your ads are to your target audience. The more relevant your ads are, the more effective they will perform. What you are seeking to determine is how relevant your ads are to your audience.

Ad relevance is ranked from 1to 10. Your goal is to score a 7 out of 10 or better.

What Are Some Advantages to Facebook Ads Relevance?

Your ads will be shown to more viewers. Your advertising costs will be less, since your ads perform better and are more targeted. Facebook determines how relevant the ads are when showing them to a particular audience.

This means your ads, depending on the relevance score may be shown to more people than your competitors. So it is to your advantage to focus on your Facebook ads relevance score.

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How Are Facebook Ads Relevance Scores Determined?

After your ads are served more than 500 times, you’ll receive a daily relevance score. As noted above, this score is from 1-10.

A ten is the highest relevance for your ad. What determines the rating assigned? It is the positive and negative feedback from your ad. If that feedback is positive, it increases the score. If negative, it decreases the score.

It is also important to note that it is calculated differently, depending on the ad objective. Those objectives could be visits to your website, sharing your posts or liking your page. These objectives are set by you when creating your ads.

Negative feedback occurs when people hide your ad or indicate a negative experience by deleting it or leaving comments that they do not like it. Some ads are very distasteful and in your face. Many are offended by them.

How To Make Your Ads Relevant

Facebook Ads Relevance ScoreFirst, think about your audience, your message and your image that you will use to convey that message. Craft a message that brings all three together in a harmonious unit. Understand that this process is an art as much as it is a science. .

Avoid over-generalization. Marketing, in its most simple definition, is designed to elicit a physical measurable response. Therefore, consider what exact response you want and from whom you want it and design your ad to meet those objectives.

When To Change Your Facebook Ad

It may also be necessary due to familiarity, to change your ad. Your Facebook ad relevance score may drop or doesn’t improve as time moves on. Think about changing it and sprucing it up, but do so gradually and carefully. Sometimes all that is needed is a single tweak.

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Improve on your target audience. A general audience may be too vague. Hone it down to a specific gender where it makes sense. Target a specific age group that has the highest probability of engaging with your ads.

Taking these and similar actions can result in a significant shift in your Facebook ads relevance score. Most importantly, have fun with marketing .Once you discover what your audience likes turn it into a game that serves you. Facebook ads relevance can be challenging, but it can also be fun.

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