Email Marketing Writing Emails That Sell

Email Marketing

email marketingEmail marketing writing emails that sell. When sending emails what is the purpose of that communication?

The overriding purpose desired for those who receive the email is to take action. This being true, email marketing should be written with that objective in mind.

To act requires that there are actionable items in the email such as clickable links that lead to free download offers, blog pages, or sales pages with products or services.

What style and formatting works best in email?

One Page Emails Work Best for Email Marketing

The reason this is true is because most people don’t read your emails. They scan them. So, not only must your email marketing have a purpose, but you’ll want to add formatting that encourages and enhances the ability to quickly scan them without missing essential information.

Email marketingThis is best accomplished by short sentences. Each sentence should be no more than 65 characters across. Also, keep the main idea of the sentence as a single thought. Eleven words or less work best.

Use topic headlines in your email marketing messages. The eyes are naturally drawn to them. Add images, photographs, divider bars, charts and other visual cues.

Make paragraphs short also. Include bulleted lists. Use bold and underlining in your marketing emails.

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Improve Email Marketing Open Rates With Great Subject Lines

Email Marketing Mailing ListIf you emails are not getting opened, it’s because the subject lines are weak. To increase open rates, pay more attention to the subject lines. Write better ones.

You can study the types of emails you open and read. Look for patterns and systems. Be creative. Fail fast.

Think of your email subject lines as headlines. Make them strong and benefit driven. Include urgency and ultra specificity.

They must speak to your reader in terms that address issues that are relevant.

If your emails are getting opened and no one is clicking the links back to you blogs, landing pages or sales pages, then your copy is the problem. Find the commonalities in the people who opted in and write from that perspective.

Let your readers know specifically how they will benefit. These tips should help to improve your email marketing and encourage writing emails that sell.