Is There A Downside To Paid Traffic?

Paid Traffic Has Benefits

When answering the question of whether there is a downside to paid traffic let’s make it clear that there is a definite upside. When an ad is clicked it means that someone is interested in the ad. In other words, a potential customer, and certainly a prospect has raised their hand and asked for some attention. That is definitely a benefit because we know that the person who responds to that ad is possibly someone in the market for the product of information about that  product or service.

A Video Tip About Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic Can Be Regulated

Paid Traffic Drives Revenue UpAnother important advantage of paid traffic is that it can be regulated. This means that a business can turn on its ads during the times it is open or seasonally when more interest in a product exists rather than to allow an ad to run indiscriminately. The latter could be a waste of marketing dollars. Thus, to increase efficiency run paid traffic ads during the times when it is most likely to be usable.

It can be scaled up or down. Receive more traffic during the slow times and less during the busy times. Such features would allow for more easy management of the marketing strategies. How many leads can you effectively handle. Unless you have unlimited capability, too much as once could be challenging if there is no means of scaling to handle increased capacity.

Narrow Your Focus With Paid Traffic

Some searches online are broad searches. Others are characterized as “exact matches” and “phrase searches”. Paid traffic can help you to narrow your search down to exact match searches through the use of Google’s keyword tools. You would need to list exact searches or phrase search options.

Choose either will cause you to get less traffic than desired, but the traffic is more targeted. Some sites focus on particularly public interest like a movie or a popular book or an event. As long as the respective subject is popular, it generates traffic to the website. So paid traffic could work extremely well until the interest dies out and the enthusiasm wanes. Following that, it would be counterproductive to continue to send traffic to a site for that purpose.

Therefore, evaluate the purpose and extent of the website to determine the feasibility of using paid traffic. If your site is a blog, it’s difficult for it to get noticed and stand out. Using Google’s Adwords to purchase traffic for a blog using the contextual advertising program is a good idea.

Use Paid Traffic to Test Your Landing Pages

Another advantage of using paid traffic is the ability to quickly test your landing pages, sales and product pages with a sufficient amount of traffic to tweak them. When you can get a 1000 visits to a page in a few hours or a day, it can ????????????????????????????????????provide some very helpful data and feedback. You’ll be able to make some quick adjustments that could greatly benefit your marketing.

You should take advantage of paid traffic to your landing pages to fix all the bugs related to conversion of that traffic. Perform A B split tests. Tweak your colors, buttons, layouts, headlines, images, etc. All of them have an important relationship to your traffic conversion.

Check out “Google Advertising Tools”, Cashing in with Adsense, Adwords,  and the Google API’s by Harold Davis, Copyright 1006 O’Reilly Media, Inc., 0-596-10108-2 for more information on how to monetize traffic from Google Advertising.



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