Digital Cameras For Inbound Marketing

Digital Cameras Excellent For Inbound Marketing

William Bell inbound marketing internet marketing solutinsWhich digital camera fits your purse for inbound marketing? Today, I would recommend the Canon Vixia models. Make  sure it has audio plugin for a mic and a light shoe for attaching the mic to the top of the camera.

I began using a larger Panasonic model which is now about 12 years old. Although it yet works, its doesn’t quite meet the demands and standards of today’s fast paced digital world. I traded it in for a Panasonic HD Cam that is much more robust and capable of taking TV quality video.

Using An External Mic With the Canon Vixia Models

For this reason, I have opted to use the smaller pocket-sized digital cameras. They are excellent for utility, durable and produce very high quality digital photos, and movies. Another great feature about the Canon Vixia series cameras vs the Flip Cam Ultra HD’s is that they can be externally mic’d.

This makes for improved audio quality and sound, a must for excellent video.

Inbound Marketing and Video Marketing

Using video marketing is a must if you are keeping up with the trends. YouTube is the number two search engine with thousands of videos being uploaded daily.

If you want to create an information product fast that has the potential of engaging and establishing social poise with your friends, family and clients.

Canon Vixia Digital Camera Adds Personal Touch

Video marketing adds the personal touch to marketing often missing in text and sometimes in audio. While photos offer color, the excitement and dynamic of video stimulates more parts of the brain and engages the emotions in ways photos cannot.

The cameras are small and durable when cared for properly. They are excellent for creating social media messages and other inbound marketing content.

Yes, it may mean that you’ll have to fix your hair, wear bright attractive colors and sit with correct posture but the rewards far outweigh the investment effort.

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