How to Get Cheap Website Traffic Hits

The Secret to Getting Cheap Website Traffic Hits

What’s the secret to getting cheap website traffic hits? In most cases it ‘s as simple as creating content. There must be some form of content to attract the traffic to your website. This is what happens when you create a blog post, a video, or other media and place it on your site. The URL link for your post or content should contain your keyword. That keyword is a term which others are typing into the search engines to find you online. In other words, they are the traffic you are seeking.

Does it frustrate you as you try to get traffic to your website? You’ve built your site. It looks great. But no one visits. You want to quit. You think you’re no good at internet marketing. Don’t believe it. It’s not true. Most start out that way. They don’t have an understanding of keyword research. They don’t understand how to optimize their content and use tools and resources. If you need assistance ask. You can get the training you need.

Think of it like Fishing

cheap website traffic hitsThe fish are already in the lake. There are times when they bite and there are times when they don’t. It may depend on the time of day, the weather conditions or just how hungry they may be at the time. It works the same way online. There are some times of day when certain people are more apt to be online.

There are also seasons like the holidays when people will be shopping more or for certain items like toys, electronics, camera equipment, phones, and a host of other products they may not buy at other times of the year, or at least not as much.

In other words, the season brings a host of “hungry” or should we say irrational buyers who spend more time searching for online for what they want.

Just as you would bait your hook for a fish which are already swimming in the lake, you would create your content which is the lure for your target market. The more appealing you make the lure, i.e. the worm, minnow or cricket, (your keyword) the faster and more often you’ll get hits to your site.

Cheap Web Traffic Hits Are Free

That’s why you don’t have to pay for traffic. The traffic you want depends on how many times you want to throw your hook (content) in the lake where the fish are. It stands to reason that you’ll have a much greater chance to catch fish.

Now, if you’re not a person who likes fishing this analogy may not work too well for you, but it is an accurate description of what’s going on. The point is, fisherman study their fish. They know what the fish like. They know when they’re most likely to bite. They do every thing they can to give them the right type of bait at the right time.

Offer Something Appealing

Tcheap website traffic hitso attract the traffic you want make your offer appealing and appropriate. Fish in the right lake for the type of fish you want. Keywords help you to do that. Internet marketing is not like “circular print” ads which are loosely targeted and distributed over a large distribution area. It is precisely targeted.

When others find your content, they do so because they are searching for it and want or need to consume it for some purpose.  It fulfills their need. It serves their purpose. To get cheap web traffic hits you must address them.

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