Create Landing Pages For WordPress

Create Landing Pages

Create Landing PagesIn the past, it was difficult for the average person to create landing pages.

A landing page, also called a squeeze page or an optin page is a single page to which you direct traffic to make a single or one-time offer.

Your goal is to get subscribers to join your newsletter or consume other content such as audio, video, special reports, etc which are relevant and beneficial to them.

Keep Landing Pages Simple

The overriding principle of landing pages is to keep your message clear and simple. Focus on the one action you want your visitors to take. If you are giving them 7 Easy Steps to Get Traffic to Their Website” make sure that you don’t have multiple offers on the page.

Multiple offers create distraction and confusion. When that happens your visitors may not take the desirable action and leave your page. Keep it focused and direct.

Create Consistent Offers With Landing Pages

Are the offers you’re making consistent with the audience you’re attempting to attract. It goes without saying that you should not be offering vitamins to someone who visits your page for tips on how to take better photos using a digital camera. Your landing pages must be relevant. Create landing pages which are consistent with your offers.

Create Multiple Landing Pages

The more landing pages you create, the more offers you can make. It follows that the more offers you make the more opportunities you have for people subscribe.

There are many reasons to create multiple landing pages. In addition to the above, one is obviously for testing purposes. Track the data and analyze it to see what elements on the page generate more leads.

Use An Easy System To Create Landing Pages

Easily create landing pages with software that requires simple mouse clicks and copy and paste. No need to learn complicated code or even hire a webmaster.