Mobile Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

Mobile Marketing Trending Upward

Mobile Marketing continues to take the lead in innovative inbound marketing strategies.

Mobile Marketing Smart PhonesSmall businesses can get instant response to their marketing messages by implementing mobile marketing campaigns.

We’re including a video of a recent presentation that offers businesses some valuable insights on the advantages of adding mobile marketing to their mix.

Mobile Marketing Integration

Mobile technology has the ability to incorporate all types of marketing resides in the mobile ...

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What Are QR Codes and How Are They Used?

Using QR Codes

What are QR Codes and How Are They Used? QR Codes stand for Quick Response Codes. They are two dimensional matrix bar codes. They were invented in Japan by Toyota, for keeping track of car parts in the auto industry.

QR codes differ from one-dimensional UPC bar codes in that they hold more information being two dimensional.  They are read by software which scans them and links to the information they contain.

QR Code scanners ...

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Using Mobile Marketing Campaigns With Inbound Marketing

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile Marketing CampaignsUsing mobile campaigns with inbound marketing can be a great plus for your business. According to, smartphones are turning millions more into mobile shoppers, numbers that will increase nearly triple by 2015.

In 2011, US Mobile commerce sales (including )travel) surged 91.4%, to reach 6.7 billion. The mobile industry predicts continued strong growth that will boost sales to $31 billion in 2015. Three factors driving ...

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