Keyword Research Tools and Tips

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the missing piece to getting more traffic on the web from search engines. We call this organic or non-paid traffic. It differs from PPC (pay-per-click) in that all it requires is knowledge, acquired skill and sweat equity versus a huge marketing budget.

Researching keywords is a very important task in your internet marketing. Some questions to be answered are:

  • How do you implement keyword research?
  • How do I develop proper keyword research skills?
  • Are there any tools that can help ...
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5 Easy Steps To Make Your Blog Sticky

Make A Blog Sticky

To make a blog sticky, means that your content is great and people want to share it with others. They email it and pass it on because they like it, see it as helpful and feel others would benefit as well.

Sticky means more people read your blog, interact with your content, see your offers and purchase more of your products or services.

That’s great isn’t it?

Have you ever encountered something that just stuck with you? Maybe it was ...

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Seven Blogging Secrets To Get More Readers

Blogging Secrets

Seven Blogging secrets to getting more readers begin with a few simple practices and tips. In this post we’ll cover a few that could help you get more readers for your blog.

Grab Attention Quickly

Capture the attention of your readers quickly. How do you do it. Use a great headline. Study the words that get attention. For example, in this headline, I used the word “secrets”. which is a word that get’s attention and raises curiosity.

For those interested in getting ...

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Start A Blog

Some Questions to Answer Before You Start a Blog

Start A BlogWhile many people view blogging as difficult primarily because of the writing requirement, the process of blogging is relatively easy.

What’s important is that you have someone to instruct you through the maze of information you need initially to prevent you from becoming frustrated or discouraged.

As long as your instructor ...

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Publishing Your Blog|What Are The Steps

What Are The Steps To Publishing Your Blog?

Publshing a BlogWhat are the steps after writing your blog to publish it to the web? Congratulations! You’ve written your blog.

That’s 95% of the task. The next step is publishing your blog.

Publishing is easy.

Before you publish, take a few minutes to check your blog post to ensure that you have followed some best practices.

Did you use a keyword in your title? Do ...

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Most Popular Websites

The most popular websites on the internet are those which get the most website traffic. It makes sense to know what those sites are and how to use them to take advantage of all the traffic they receive. In other words if you can stand in front of that traffic with your message or offer, it makes sense that you can profit from volume of people who visit these sites. So, let’s examine a few of these high traffic ...

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