Boost Social Media Response

How to Boost Social Media Response

Boost Social Media ResponseMost of us are engaged in Social Media Marketing. The question is how do I know I’m being effective? This is a good question. However, we can’t simply give a blanket, one-size-fits all answer. The reason is because, there are different platforms for social media. Each is different and the the strategies and objectives are different.

In other words, you cannot approach Twitter in the same manner as you do Facebook. Length of posts, frequency and time are all factors to consider. So, where does one start to be effective with social media?

Start With A Goal, Begin With The End in Mind

The first order of business is to begin with the end in mind. What is your objective? What do you want? If you are marketing, you have one or more objectives. So, first, let’s define marketing. What is it? Marketing is a pushing out of a message to effect a physical and measurable response. In other words, you want people to take an action such as read your post, like it, share it, comment on it, click through to an offer, or buy a product or service.

Once¬† you know your objective, the next thing you’ll want is to measure your response. You should track your responses, both in type, number and frequency in order to analyze that data to improve your marketing.

Be Authentic: Social Media Is Transparent

It’s important that you are real. That means you won’t be using images such as a blank image (which I usually ignore) or another cartoon image, etc. Show your face or your company logo if you are a business. People want to know that there is a real person behind the words. They also trust you more.

Talk To People: Social Media Must Engage

If you’re going to engage in Social Media, you’ll need to talk to people. Because there is so much activity going on on the popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, an Instagram, if you’re not sharing information often and communicating with others, no one will really see your content.

Ideally, if you’re posting to Facebook, you’ll want to post at least four to seven times per day. Those posts should be varied. Nor does it mean that you’re going to be posting offers. People are not interested in your offers necessarily, but in your interest in them. Once you build these relationships, then it becomes easier for you to sell your products or services.

Vary Your Content: Social Inform, Educate and Entertain

It’s important to vary the type of content you share. Post photos, images, videos and positive messages. Include humor, blog posts, business tips and inspirational quotes. Make sure you’re posting every day to build the habits and the confidence you need to be authentic and set the example.

Boost Your Social Media Response Now

Don’t delay to get involved in Social Media. Start today. Engage. The more active you are, the more results you will receive. Remember, its’ a learning process. You’ll improve each and every day. For more information check out Kim Garst for more of her excellent Social Media marketing tips.

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