how to write a blog postIs blogging for sprinters or marathoners? Sprinters run fast short races. But sprinters don’t always win. That is especially true when it comes to posting regularly to a blog. There is ample data to support the statements.

B2B companies may be reluctant to blog for several reasons. It can be time consuming depending on the available qualified staffing.

Secondly, it requires certain skill sets which may not be present, such as research skills for finding keywords and content creation.

Thirdly, it is risky? B2B company exposure could involve risks to reputation.

For all the reasons above, companies have excellent opportunities to grow their business, brand and reputation through blogging.

Blogging Creates Content That Attracts Leads

Statistics show that people search and visit about 10 sites before they make a purchase. For what are they searching? Fresh, relevant content which aids them in discovery and decision-making about a product or service.

According to Google Insights, advertisers receive a 7:1 ROI on search based marketing. One of the ways to get found in online searches is through a blog with useful content that attracts visitors.

Increase Backlinks

BloggingBlogs that receive more high-quality inbound links rank higher in the search engines. Because your posts can be promoted everywhere from Social Media sites to article directories, video hosting sites and other websites, they offer great opportunities to build backlinks.

Blogging Helps With Reputation Management

Reputation management is also enhanced allowing the company to either  respond directly to readers comments or to address the issues through a process of creating new content.

Blogging-An All-In-One Internet Marketing Strategy.

With integration, WordPress sites are an all-in-one internet marketing strategy. Everything digital can be tied together offering seamless integration.

The key point to remember is that blogging is not a sprinter’s exercise, but a marathon. It cannot yield results with a few quick sprints, but over time and with quality and quantity of content.


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