Blogging Strategies That Get Better Results

Blogging Strategies

Blogging Strategies for BusinessNewbie bloggers should take a little time to start your blog with proven blogging strategies. Each of the following should figure into your overall strategy.

  • Blog Design and appearance (a template or custom)
  • Pinging – notifying search engines of new content
  • Plug-ins – extend and increase the functions of your blog
  • Widgets – displaying widgets for added flare to your blog
  • Content – creating the five types of content (text, images, audio, video, slide-share)
  • Metrics – measuring and tracking your blog’s performance
  • SEO – search engine optimization for on page and off page
  • Link-building – an integral part of SEO and traffic building strategy
  • Social networking – integrating your blog with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, etc
  • Social bookmarking – using social bookmarking sites to expand your content outreach and traffic
  • Mobile integration – adding a mobile site and mobile marketing

Gradually Add New Blogging Strategies

Blogger StrategiesInitially, this all seems overwhelming. We don’t suggest you do all of them at once. They can be added over time. Eventually, it becomes easier as you learn the ropes. With a mentor or blogging coach you can master the process enough to become functional as a blogger very quickly and with a little time, become very proficient.

Or you can outsource some or all of these services for reasonable fees while you remain focused on your business. Ask about our blogging strategies service to help you grow your traffic with consistently posting quality articles to you blog. Download our free special report guide to learn about all the benefits.

Install Your Blog

This is one of the easiest steps in the process. It takes about 3 simple steps to install your blog once you have the preliminary tasks completed, i.e. domain name and hosting account.

This will give you a basic generic blog with minimal functionality. It’s what you do to the blog after installing it that makes it the powerful content creation and content management system it is designed to be.

Execute Your Blogging Strategies Plan

Your plan should include publishing quality, engaging content on a regular basis. 2 to 3 times a week is excellent though a real challenge for some.Blogging Stategies for Internet Marketers Writing takes time for research, thinking and experience which creates perspective and insights.

Or choose our service and allow us to provide you with quality, unique, content written specifically for your niche market. Items listed above under blogging strategies must be done regularly to remain effective.

Find a Blogging Strategies Plan You Will Commit To And Stay The Course.

It can pay huge dividends. Keep in mind that this is the tortoise strategy. There are many other things that you can do that work faster, but not many that can provide free traffic and monetization opportunities with that traffic.

In summary, for newbie bloggers to start a blog and for blogging effectively, decide on your purpose, choose your bloggers platform, plan your blogger strategies, install and setup your blog and execute your blogging plan. For more assistance with blogging strategies call 901-601-0548.

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