Blogging Basics For Beginning and Experienced Bloggers

Blogging Basics – What You Should Know and Do

Blogging Basics for BeginnersStatistics for blogging basics show that sites that have the highest number of indexed pages have the higher page rank and have the lowest Alexa rank. Generally viewed as higher authority sites in Google, they get results in receiving more traffic from the search engines.

A question that is often asked is how often should one publish content on their blog. It’s best to allow blogging statistics to answer these questions. Look at the following stats from Website Grader which analyzed over 400,000 websites at the time of the report:

Blog Daily

The more pages you have on average, the higher your page rank will be. As you build pages, you build incremental traffic. Publish as frequently as you can, once per week is good and averages 52 new pages per year. Two is better, with an average of about 100 pages per year. 1

However, for those who want to see the best results, publishing three times per week results in 76% more traffic and publishing daily results in 86% more traffic than those who do not use a blog.

The trend in blogging continues to increase at about 30% 2  per year with over 65% of the global population reading blogs. 3   Most people read blogs more than once per day and many read at least five blogs per day. 4

Blogging Gets Results

As the charts to show, a blog that posts only twice monthly can see a significant increase percentage wise in traffic. The arrow indicates a continual increase in web traffic.

This means your blog increases in popularity and rank on the web as you continue to publish content. A note for those who will look closely at the traffic stats. October 2014 appears to be a significant drop. This is due to our moving the site to a new server which took a couple of days to transfer the data base.

When you notice the second chart, you will see the remaining traffic for October only fell slightly. Adding the two figures together, it was well over 1000 unique visits that month and total traffic was higher than the preceding month even with the two days the site was offline. Adding the two yellow columns showed an increase of 202 visits in October 2014.

Basic Blogging for NewbiesUse A Calendar To Publish Regularly

One best practices strategy for maintaining a consistent blogging or writing schedule is to set a time each week to publish several articles or posts on your blog. On average the length should be about 350 to 700 words.

By having a set or scheduled time to post, you ensure that your blog gets the content. Leaving it to chance means you won’t follow through. The advantages of consistency are proven.

When you publish too few words, Google does not view the information as of sufficient quality. It is generally understood that the more you know about a subject the more you can communicate its value to the readers.

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A good rule of thumb is about a page which results in about 400 to 450 words. Considering that a recognized standard is about one anchor text (outbound link) to every 150 words, this would allow for three links in the typical 450 word post. Correspondingly, a 300 word post would only have two links with anchor text.

By anchor text we mean a keyword inserted into the link so that as that link is “moused over” it displays on the screen. But more importantly, those anchor text links help the search engines to know what your page is about or what the target pages are about which offer more content for the reader.  These can be internal or external links and ideally should be both.

WordPress, and most blogging platforms allow you to pre-schedule your posts for auto-publishing at certain times. Most blog readers read in the morning before noon. The numbers are almost twice that for those who read in the evening or at night. We call this “dripping content.”


By posting consistently at certain times, the Google bots or search engine spiders crawl your site looking for new content. They crawl your site more often when they detect that you update your site regularly. This means your pages get indexed in the search engines more quickly and offer you more opportunities to increase traffic faster. Follow these basic blogging tips for solid success.

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Many website owners and especially small business owners do not have the staff, expertise or time to dedicate to blogging. We get it that you are busily engaged in running your business. For this we offer two solutions. The first, is blog training for those who have the time, want to learn or have dedicated staff personnel you can assign to the task. We teach a one day course on Blogging Basics 101.

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