Backlinks What Are They And Why Do You Need Them?


BacklinksBacklinks, what are they and why do you need them? Backlinks are generated when people find your website online and place a link from their site to yours. This can be accomplished in several ways.

First you can submit an article to one or more article directories. Those article directories allow you to include a profile box at the end of the article. You can then place about two links back to your site in those profiles. It’s one of the top sways many people get backlinks to their website. or blog.

Create Backlinks With Directory Submissions

Another method for generating backlinks is through directory submissions. Many websites are categorized and listed in online directories similar to phone book directories. Websites pages are submitted to these directories and listed with them.

The directories serve others by providing the resource and information from your website. In return they provide a link back to your site for visitors of the directory to see your resources.  These backlinks are very beneficial, though some have higher or lower PR (page rank.)

Posting In Forums Allows Backlinks

When you post in a forum, you have the ability to both create a profile (similar to above) and add a signature file. This signature file allows you to place your up to about three links to your website.

Each time you make a post in the forum, you increase the visibility of your website but you also get the benefit of the backlink to your website/blog.

Generate Backlinks Through Blog Commenting

As you read and subscribe to various blogs, take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with them. At the bottom of each blog post is a comment section. Enter your comments about the post or topic of interest.

Ask a question, offer an opinion or voice a compliment or complaint. You will have a place to leave your name, email address (which is not shown to the public but is only used to notify you of responses if the option is selected) and your website/webpage URL.


That creates a backlink to your site, so the more comments you place on various blogs you visit, the more backlinks you will receive. Some of course will be of more value than others. As you receive more and more backlinks, your site becomes more popular and your ranking in the search engines rise.

When that happens, you receive more organic traffic from the search engines.