5 Ways To Use Video Marketing on Your Blog?

5 Ways To Use Video Marketing on Your Blog?

Video MarketingBlogs are very versatile, allowing the user extended flexibility in publishing. Adding varied media types to blogs are one of the great benefits of your online marketing strategy.
  • Teach a process
  • Compare products
  • Provide information
  • Educate and instruct
  • Clarify offers

Video marketing offers several options. For example,  you can teach a process with a short video tutorial.

Secondly, you can make product comparisons. Do you have a product that clearly stands out against the competition? Illustrate those differences through video and let your clients see it.

Provide education. Keep your clients and prospects informed through video marketing. Online video is a great way to build trust.

Use Video Marketing for Product Presentations

Some suggestions to do this are to create a brief outline covering the main points. Familiarize yourself with the process so that you can fluently speak about it without sounding rehearsed. Use a conversational tone. Then record the video and include the tutorial as part of the package.

Use Good Audio in Video Marketing

Secondly, use a good microphone and amplification with your video recording. Good audio is essential for good video. This can be done rather inexpensively using the right equipment. Contact your local music store or check online for audio equipment.

Look at this as an investment rather than an expense. It will pay for itself many times over and make you nice profits when used properly and consistently as a video marketing tool.

Start Your Blog Today

Understand that not every business needs professional quality studio videos that offer the appearance of a Hollywood movie. As in all phases of company growth there is a time when such may be needed or desired.

Video Marketing Equipment on the Go

online video marketingHowever, for small business owners, online video marketing can be much more simple, less expensive and super successful. Digital cameras such as the Canon Vixia are small but offer powerful video production capabilities for the small business professional.

Use video in your landing pages to present your offers. For SEO purposes, always include a written summary of the video or accompanying text.

Adding video marketing to your blog can greatly increase the perceived value of your marketing and services.

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