5 Easy Steps To Make Your Blog Sticky

Make A Blog Sticky

To make a blog sticky, means that your content is great and people want to share it with others. They email it and pass it on because they like it, see it as helpful and feel others would benefit as well.

Sticky means more people read your blog, interact with your content, see your offers and purchase more of your products or services.

That’s great isn’t it?

Have you ever encountered something that just stuck with you? Maybe it was a name, an idea or an experience.

How do you create sticky blog posts?

  • Post Often
  • Vary Content
  • Use Photos
  • Bookmark
  • Comment

Make A Blog Sticky By Posting Often

The more you post, the more opportunities you have for your pages to be indexed in the search engines. That means your keywords get more exposure and you get more traffic. However, you want to create quality content that provides value.

Posting once a day for the first 90 days is a great strategy. After that, post twice weekly to maintain and build momentum.

Create value by answering questions your prospects or clients have. Get a new pair of glasses and mark them as solutions glasses. Wear them when you blog. Train your eyes to recognize solutions and write about them.

Make A Blog Sticky By Varying Content for Non-Readers

Google wants to ensure that their search engine experience is great for everyone. By varying your content, i.e. supplying it in several formats, you are able to get high page rankings faster . You can also get more listings in the search engines.

This takes some time unless of course you use automation tools. There are plugins that automatically turn your blog posts into audio and video formats. These create links to your blogs.

Also consider using slide share presentations for your content. You then have text, audio, video and a presentation slide.

Make A Blog Sticky With Photos

Photos allow you the option of adding alt tags or keywords that help the search engines identity your photos. By connecting it to your content, you also help web searches find your content through the photos.

It’s an extra step that pays very good dividends.

Bookmark To Make A Blog Sticky

Bookmarking is a way to add your posts to the web using the social bookmarking icons. This is done very easily using plugins. There are many, but some you’ll want to bookmark on a regularly basis such as:

  • Digg
  • Redditt
  • Stumbleupon
  • Mixx
  • Delicious

These are just a few of hundreds of social bookmarking sites. Be careful that you spread the joy around.

Don’t bookmark your own blog post only. A good rule of thumb is a 1-5 ration. Bookmark one blog post from your site and bookmark 5 posts from related sites that you follow.

Comment on Related Blog Posts

You’ll want to search for 5 blogs related to your content and make resourceful comments on those blogs. When you do so, use your keyword in your comment and link back to your blog post, not your domain url.

By following these steps daily for the first 90 days you should see a huge upsurge in traffic to your site. You’ll make a blog sticky in no time.

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