5 Blogging Tips to Start A Blog for Newbie Bloggers

Decide On Your Purpose To Start Blogging

Blogging For BusinessIn this blog post we cover blogging tips to start a blog for newbie bloggers. These blogging tips can help new and existing bloggers get off the fence and get productive in generating results. Through blogging, you can achieve four critical objectives to succeed in your online marketing.

  • Create content,
  • Connect with your audience
  • Capture leads
  • Close Sales

To achieve the above blogging objectives use a blog platform that supports that purpose. When creating content is your overriding purpose, you’ll want a user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) platform like WordPress.

WordPress is an open source code platform or software which allows bloggers to blog free. You can do it yourself if you have the time, patience and skill. Not many have or want to take the time.

Use A Self-Hosted Blogging Platform

For most business owners, a do-it-yourself solution is not recommended. A better blog setup strategy is to use a self-hosted platform. This involves a nominal expense purchase of a domain name and hosting. WordPress is a great platform.

Over half the world’s bloggers use WordPress but it offers little in the way of support. There is no toll-free 800 number you can call for assistance. You must learn it on your own, have someone teach you or pay someone to do it for you. Consider this before you start a blog.

Decide on your need for support. If you are a “DIY” do-it-yourself-er, or need to begin this way for budget reasons, by all means do it.

Additionally, you will see later that each part of a blog needs specific attention and though much of this can be automated, the day to day management must become a priority to remain effective.

WordPress offers a more robust blogging system that combines all of the tasks needed to blog effectively into one platform like the dashboard of a car. This allows bloggers to wear one hat and push several buttons versus wearing dozens of hats and pushing even more dozens of buttons.

Get Started Blogging Today

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