5 Ways To Use Video Marketing on Your Blog?

5 Ways To Use Video Marketing on Your Blog?

Video MarketingBlogs are very versatile, allowing the user extended flexibility in publishing. Adding varied media types to blogs are one of the great benefits of your online marketing strategy.
  • Teach a process
  • Compare products
  • Provide information
  • Educate and instruct
  • Clarify offers

Video marketing offers several options. For ...

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Blogging Strategies That Get Better Results

Blogging Strategies

Blogging Strategies for BusinessNewbie bloggers should take a little time to start your blog with proven blogging strategies. Each of the following should figure into your overall strategy.

  • Blog Design and appearance (a template or custom)
  • Pinging – notifying search engines of new content
  • Plug-ins – extend and increase the functions of your blog
  • Widgets – displaying widgets for added flare to your blog
  • Content – creating ...
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